May 19, 2008

Advorto's guide to Online Recruitment

Advorto, a UK based HR recruiting software company, has put together a free guide to online recruitment and they are making it available on registering some details if you visit

Some of the areas the guide covers and are usually ignored by organizations are:

  • Start with your career site - It's pathetic to see the bad quality of career sites that organizations employ. Marketing and Corporate Communications should be talking to IT and HR to make it a showcase to future employees.
  • Consider other sites - Apart from the job sites, are there industry sites where your potential audience hangs out, virtually?
  • Use your intranet, it’s free!
  • Start a candidate e-newsletter - I gave this idea to a previous employer, got an award for it, but I don't think they have yet implemented it. And today I'd add to offer the newsletter by RSS feed too.
  • Create an online referral system
  • Consider using social networks
  • Add a recruitment blog to your site
Most of these are not heavy on your recruitment budget, but usually HR and Recruiting heads in India are unaware of these new channels to boost the pipeline of candidates. This small pdf guide is sure to be a great resource for them! If you're interested in Recruitment in the new online world you can check their blog out too.