Jun 7, 2008

Here a Ning, There a Ning

More and more Ning networks are sprouting up! After the Linking Power Forum, RecruitingBlogs and HR Professionals networks, here's a new one - for HR Bloggers.

You might have heard of Forrester's report on Social Technographics, where in an online community 13% are creators, 19% are critics etc. More here. So what would happen if all creators and critics form a community?

HR Bloggers might be an interesting experiment to see if over communicators like bloggers also fall back into the same ratios and some take the lead and others are content to be joiners and spectators and inactives. I think we will. Let's see how it pans out.

On other news, since I complete six years of blogging tomorrow, here are some interesting reponses I got from my Twitter friends. Shel Israel (who literally wrote the book on Business Blogging) sent me this message:
The other message was by a person who works in a pay-for-performance digital advertising firm, who let me know this:

Heh. I never thought that I would become a pin-up boy for social media :D

On my other blog you would find my book reviews of Yogesh Chabria's book "Invest the Happionaire Way" as well as JAM's Rashmi Bansal's edited book "Engineering Admissions" (I consider it India's first social media created book ;-)

By the way, have you checked out the blogs I follow? They have some great content all the time !

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