Jun 4, 2008

I complete Six years of blogging

The coming weekend will mark six years of blogging about HR and related issues.

Phew! It's been a long time. I've grown and learnt a lot. About people. About organizations. About relationships and networking. About social media. I hope my posts over this time have developed along with me.

I hope it's been as much fun for you to read my posts as it has been for me to authoring it.

2,101 posts and lots of comments. I hope they have add value to you and try to answer what you look for. Thanks for continuing to mail your views and questions. I might not be in a position to reply to each one of you or feature your questions on the blog, but I will surely try. And I want you to know that I read every word, and am thankful that you take your time out to mail me.

It's the attention and relationship economy. By giving me your attention you are acknowledging me and we have some kind of relationship going.

You can find me at various places on the internet, as given below. This blog feels most like home, however.

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