Jul 8, 2008

HR Bloggers news

HRM Today - a group blogging site and the HR Bloggers social network has tied-up together to "discover managerial competencies that are synergistically aligned for value creation of both the entities"


Not really. They didn't say that.

What Lance did say was:

In a deal scratched over a couple hours of e-mailing (including a quip about someone’s grandma), I am pleased to announce a sponsorship deal with Laurie Ruettimann’s HR Bloggers group (www.hrbloggers.com).

Interesting thing surely.

We shall be keeping an eye on where this deadly dream team leads to :-)

On other interesting blogs, here's a short lived blog, Recruiter Ramblings, by an Indian recruiter called HR Novice. I wish it was continued.

And then there's the blog I discovered today called the Human Capital Vendor Space authored by J William Tincup. Interesting reviews of the vendor offerings. How many of such vendors are operating in India, I wonder?

Vendor wonder bender.

Sorry, Tuesday Blues.