Jul 10, 2008

Padma Ravichander to head Mercer in India

This news item has to be filed under the "Can't understand the logic" category.

One of India's rare successful IT women leaders, Padma Ravichander who earlier was with HP, Oracle and recently was heading Perot Systems' India operations would now be leading Investment and Consulting firm Mercer in India.

And no, it does not seem to indicate that Mercer would be augmenting its outsourcing or IT offerings, since her statement shows how much Mercer is aligned with HR consulting in India.

"At Mercer, we address the entire gamut of transformational human resource challenges that Indian companies increasingly face today. A clear priority for me is to evaluate potential synergies in our different lines of business, and develop ways to partner with customers in driving their overall strategic imperatives in terms of talent acquisition and management," said Ms. Ravichander.

Hmm, so I wonder how many of her peers would see this as an attempt by Mercer to build the skill of talking to CEOs and business leaders and not just HR heads - Mercer HR consulting still being seen more as a compensation survey provider and not really into the top-line HR meets business alignment.

We shall keep an eye out for this one and how this develops. Remember, Mercer had taken Infy's ex-HR head Hema Ravichander on board too three years ago.