Jul 17, 2008

Some announcements

As you probably know I have another blog - which is where I'll be posting a lot of 'news' items about web-based social media, as well as a lot of HR news items.

This blog will be mostly about my opinions about HR and Business and Organizations and Careers and Management and Work.... er, you get the picture.

By the way if you are a blogger and are on Facebook too, then I'd suggest you to try out the Blog Network app on Facebook. This blog's page is here as well . Just a hint, if you don't want to spam people with your app news feeds, only check the "let this app use my information" box when adding any app on Facebook. I also check the "put link on the right hand sidebar", but let the other boxes be.

Am using the ScribeFire Firefox extension for blogging these days, so if you find formatting a little wonky let me know. Was using Windows Live Writer for the past couple of months (great if the blogging websites are blocked by Websense in your company ;-) but where ScribeFire scores is that you can post to multiple blogs that you author.