Oct 16, 2008

A better way than a layoff?

Air India to give leave without pay to 15,000 employees (via press trust of India ):
Air India said today that it was open to letting its workers to proceed voluntarily on leave without pay for 3-5 years under a scheme applicable to employees in non-operational areas, which number about 15,000. "The scheme is purely voluntary," a spokesperson for state-owned Air India said.  

Earlier in the day, Air India's Chairman and Managing Director Raghu Menon had said: "We are planning to offer leave without pay for three to five years." Those who avail of the offer will also have the option of coming back, if they so desire, at the same seniority and last drawn pay, he said.
An official of National Aviation Company of India Ltd, the holding company of Air India, clarified that this was not tantamount to retrenchment as was being done by private carriers Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines.

So a good time for people to pick up alternate skills/career options, in case the aviation industry does not pick up?
If this is really the case then a big hats off to Air India's management over Jet Airways'