Oct 15, 2008

Social Media and Organizations

If you are ready to manage organizations in the future but don't know what Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed are, then you ought to learn.

Soon these (and similar) tools will have a huge impact in the way organizations operate. Both internally as well as externally.

Marketing and brand management are still reeling with the impact of these game-changing approaches to communication and filtering. Soon, organizational processes and HR would also bear the tsunami of these changes.

That's because these are not merely innovative tools - they are driving a fundamental change in mindsets.

Paulo Coelho is putting up his content for free and is connecting with readers across the world using digital media. Tom Peters puts his presentations on his organizations blog for free download by anyone. You don't have to do any registeration! Chris Anderson in his forthcoming book talks about how people expect a change in pricing for digital media - for free.

We've all heard of the quote "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come", right?

The flip side of that quote is "If you're not on the right side of that idea - you won't be around"

So what is your organization doing? Putting up walls to stop collaboration and sharing? Or encouraging it?

And as HR and Managerial people are you spending your energies to fight it or facilitate it?

If you're fighting it - do you think you're attracting the best people or driving them away?

And if you're driving them away - do you think your organization will last - without processes that are congruent with the times and the best available people?

You're worried?

Yes. You should be.

You still don't believe me? Still think you should block Facebook in your organization? Maybe hearing it from a hotshot Accenture consultant might convince you....if you're that sort of person.

Check also this slideshare presentation by Hill & Knowlton on Enterprise 2.0.
Enterprise 2.0
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