Nov 9, 2008

Roles and People

Steve blogs about the way in most organizations people objectify based on role titles and not focusing on the people actually holding the roles.

While this might not seem be be worth considering, Steve does raise a very interesting point.
The worst part: it makes the person an object. Once we do that, we no longer see them as someone with the same kinds of needs, wants, frailties, talents, and humanity as ourselves
There's another drawback of thinking about roles and titles only. One can start to do it about oneself too. Therein lies the big problem.

One treats others as one treats oneself. And vice versa. Objectifying yourself is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Do you really want to tie your self image to an external anchor that gets decided by others and is tangible only in a visiting card?

Yes we HR people spend lots of time comparing job titles across organizations and job descriptions. That's because organizations like to ensure that people feel equity with others. However, don't let comparative equity be the only way you derive self meaning.