Dec 25, 2008

2008's last Carnival of HR

Whew! What a fast paced year it has been!

The year's last Carnival of HR is already up!

Peggy Andrews at The Career Encouragement - where posts vary from the implications of the economic crisis (special mention to Jon Ingham's post for us HR folks inHuman vs. Financial Capital?), to leadership issues ( special food for thought Wally Bock asks "what is leadership at it's core?" in Leaders Eat Last) then there's HR Bytes on Gartner Stresses on Employer Branding and Social Networking which focusses on my two favorite issues - Employment Branding and Social Networking, together!

Oh, by the way, I am hosting 2009's first Carnival of HR on 7th January. So if you have any interesting HR related posts, let me know about it by sending its URL, a synopsis and post it to !