Apr 5, 2009

Gapping for learning

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Hindustan Times has an interesting article on the trend of gapping:

Whether it’s backpacking across South Africa, or working in disaster zones, Indian youth today seems to love the idea of doing exactly what they want to, just to walk that path of self-discovery. The only thing that matters is being able to afford it — both time and money wise.
While younger gappers ask their parents to help them financially while they travel and rough it out, there are others who work for a couple of years and design their own gap project.

One can look at it cynically and say in these times of economic crises taking a year off from work is probably a good thing - or look at it another way, and say why take the risk now...

However I think that changing one's context - by way of learning a new language or immersing one self into new cultures and realities would help in one invaluable way. It helps to build an approach to learning for people who are accomodators , i.e. who learn most by feeling and doing and convergers, thinkers and doers.
So go ahead if you want to. In a globalised world it helps to build new perspectives and real life understanding of new cultures and to appreciate your own culture better too.
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