Apr 30, 2009

HR associations start blogging

Well social media is primarily a grassroots movement and embraced by the people in the fringes and edges of the mainstream.

A lot of HR folks in India have heard of "blogging" but really have no idea what it is or the power of social media  at large itself.

So it's quite heart warming that two of the biggies of the professional HR bodies - the Society of HRM (SHRM) and the National HRD Network of India have started blogging.

The NHRD Network blog - HR Talks Blog,  is posts by senior HR professionals who are also office bearers of the NHRD Network on some interesting topics.

The SHRM Blog is about their 2009 annual convention where they are communicating the various speakers to prospective audience. SHRM has gone a step further and the COO China Gorman is on Twitter  along with the SHRM Public Affairs too, having twitter conversations with people attending the conference.

So what's the verdict? Well for starters, they are great initiatives. The SHRM one is focused on a specific event and the NHRDN provokes some great thoughts by the big leaders and practitioners of Indian HR.

For a lot of HR professionals I think these blogs would make them look at blogging in a new perspective.

Yes, the establishment has embraced the edges.

Will we see the establishment embracing HR based internet communities like HR Professionals too? Too early to think on those lines :-D