May 5, 2009

Thoughts a-twitter

Ok, I admit it. I'm being lazy and am just posting some of my tweets .

  • If the journey is your destination do you linger and slow down to enjoy it?
  • If life's a journey and not a destination then why do people seek to find out when they've arrived?
  • A coach is most valuable if he/she can make you more self aware.
  • Line managers should be the real HR people. HR department should be minimal and in the background
  • Can HR reconcile its Janus identity of being a "employee champion" and a "business partner" during these tough times?
  • Does the internet help introverts to be seen as extroverts? Happens with me :)
  • Advice is always easier to dish out than to take :)
  • In an ideal world we wouldn't need a HR dept. Managers would not require guidelines to hire, assess, motivate and develop their people.
  • HR should work to make that ideal world a reality. To make themselves redundant
  • If people share so selflessly on the web, helping out total strangers, why don't they share info with colleagues in office. I've a theory
  • Tear up your org chart. Put the customer on top. Frontline staff next. Ceo comes bottom of the pile. Humbling eh?Context of knowledge is more important than raw info. If your R&D guy has no knowledge of users' contexts they cannot make a better product
  • learning means changing one's behavior. Which is uncomfortable. That's why we don't learn until a crisis blows up in our face.
  • People confuse knowledge with learning. Not the same thing. You cannot learn by knowing only. Practice is the key.