Jun 1, 2009

Key Trends in HR Consulting in India

Interesting interview of the CEO Mercer HR Consulting in the Corporate Dossier

Some excerpts :

What are some of the key global trends in HR consulting that have come to light post recession?
I think we learnt in this environment what we knew already that keeping employees engaged is a critical part of business success. It is harder to keep employees engaged in times of such great uncertainty. So leadership is clearly having a huge burden to bear.
In that case, what is the future of leadership?
For instance, a client of ours here has an average age of 28 years. But very few of them, as much as they have leadership potential or leadership capabilities, have been leaders or have ever led through a time like this. Experience is critical to lead.
A balance is what is required. And flexibility is the key. We have seen wholesale layoffs in the recession. And there cannot be any substitutes to layoffs because you have to have your costs in line. But many companies have used more flexible ways. Companies that have highly trained employees, who are hard to replace, have done things like sabbaticals where they pay part of the person’s wage.
What should a company not neglect while restructuring?
Even when times are tough, companies should not neglect keeping an eye on the employee value proposition. There should be a level of transparency between the employer and the employee to keep the employee engaged. So if you focus on the employee and keep the employee happy, then by definition, you’re focusing on the client.