Jul 29, 2009

New sharing and commenting system on the blog

Well it is not just the template that has changed - if you see an individual post - like this - on the web, you can see a button saying "Tweet" on the top left hand corner of every post.

That means you can see the number of times it has been shared on twitter, and if you so desire, share it yourself.

Then at the end of a post you'll see a "share" button - which means you can bookmark and share each post by whichever method you like - from email to facebook to delicious.

Finally you'll see a commenting system by the folks at Disqus (I replaced InstenseDebate, based on feedback by some techie bloggers!) - which enables one to actually have conversations in the comments, and you can sign in using your twitter id, facebook id or OpenID. Of course you can sign in without them and leave a comment too!

A thank you to the folks there who probably monitor what people are saying about Disqus on Twitter and when I tweeted I was facing a problem they promptly tweeted to ask what it was and then tweeted me the solution to it too.

I like that!