Sep 16, 2009

Employees are the new media

I posted about how in the age of social communication via the net, Steve Rubel talked of how all employees are marketers.

Now comes a post how HR is the new marketing and employees are the new media.

Some top of the mind thoughts:

  1. Employers need to deal with the fact that their employees will be online - often showcasing their organizations' affiliations (you have heard of Facebook networks, right?)
  2. Employees are impacted by their friends' social circles more than they realise.
  3. Sharing and connecting is not just a frivolous need - it could be the antidote to passivity
  4. Understanding the employees who join such networks could be the key.
Traditionally, HR and Marketing have been diametrically separate functions - even if they have both roots in human behavior and perception - the depths of organization behavior.

So now when getting a message across becomes as easy as No Money Marketing and so is it time for HR to learn from Marketing and vice versa as Abhijit keeps telling me?