Mar 22, 2010

Dr. Udai Pareek passes away

Dr. Udai Pareek, arguably the person who was the flag bearer of modern HR in India, and thought leader in the Organizational Behavior and Learning areas passed away.

I had first met him in 1997 when we had organized the first National HR Conference in XLRI.

Later I also attended an MDP which he co-facilitated on "Consulting Skills for OD Practitioners"

Earlier blog posts on Dr. Pareek are here here, his anecdote on happiness and jobs, and this was where I discovered his blog.

This book which Dr. Pareek co-authored with Rolf Lynton is a must read for all people in people development roles in organization. And this one is a must for all OD consultants and Trainers.

Thanks for being the lighthouse and guiding HR in India, Dr. Pareek.

May you rest in peace.