Apr 5, 2010

Community Managers - What do they do?

In my previous post, I stated that soon Recruiters and Hiring Manager would evolve from users of search engines and headhunters - to also adding their skill sets by becoming Talent Community Managers.

A valid question is - what does an Online Community Manager do? What are the skill sets, and what is the nature of this new emerging role? Do they really tweet and facebook all day long? A dream job for social networking addicts, perhaps?

Here's an interesting post on the Responsibilities of Community Managers by Itamar Kestenbaum (@tweetamar) on the Techipedia blog.

Here's what the key roles are according to him:
  1. Make friends in the Industry
  2. Look at boring stats and make them interesting
  3. Have a little knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. Develop Relationships with Clients
  5. Get Co-Workers Involved Online
  6. Organize Logistics of Social Media generated Operations
  7. Connect Good-Will for brand
  8. Work with web developers to update your site to web2.0
  9. Strategize with your webmaster to create a better conversion
  10. Create and Execute Email Blasts
As more and more organizations move into managing online communities of customers, partners and employees - be prepared to see more and more roles being added to this list.

Until then - go ahead and read the full post.

If you are a Community Manager I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email :)

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