Jul 27, 2010

Human Capital Management goes Mobile

Aberdeen Group in a survey (which you can access by clicking on that link)  has found that progressive organizations are looking at leveraging the cell phone for HR processes. According to their survey
Best-in-Class companies are 26% more likely than all other organizations to use mobile tools to facilitate HCM processes and workflows

Best-in-Class companies 65% of employees at companies using mobility tools for HCM rated themselves as "highly engaged" - versus 57% at organizations without mobile HCM

Best-in-Class companies 45% of employees at companies using mobility tools for HCM received ratings of "exceeds expectations" on their last performance review - versus 37% at organizations without mobile HCM

As workplaces become more and more flexible and distributed - moving closer physically to the customer/clients - and the "corporate" headquarters comes under intense scrutiny of the cost-conscious CFO, more and more work and processes will be delivered via the mobile and newer gadgets like the netbooks and the tablets (like iPads - which are hybrids between phones and netbooks!)

Already some businesses provide platforms for Business to Employee communication using text messages in India. With 3G we'll see a lot more multimedia content and two-way communication enter the business conversation.