Jul 25, 2010

Job Search by using Twitter

Web Service's 2.0

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The folks at MindWorks Global have come up with a great short crisp presentation which you can see at this site:
A Quick Guide to Twitter Job Searches

Personally I think organizations are not really using the potential of Twitter and Facebook for recruiting employees - and instead are focusing their energies on Linkedin.com (see this post on how Linkedin can fire up your career)

That makes sense - at least for now - but as Twitter and Facebook's popularity in India rises - and more and more people start conversing there organizations will be missing the trick if they don't tap their potential to reach the appropriate talent pool.

Some interesting recruiters you can follow on twitter are: @indiajobstweet @hrnext @priyachettyr @hrsouls @sarangbrahme @femmehire

Are you using Twitter to hire or search for jobs? What's your experience?

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