Aug 3, 2010

Ex-Wipro CEO Vivek Paul enters the Enterprise 2.0 space

I've blogged about the use cases for employee and talent communities earlier as well as 3 scenarios and stories on how social technologies can help organizations build culture, foster innovation and build a connected team - and thereby move to being Organizations 2.0.

So it's quite interesting to come across a news item that says that Vivek Paul , that the ex-Wipro CEO is now targeting the Enterprise 2.0 space as this article in the Economic Times says. There is only one big Indian player in this space - Cynapse and it'll be interesting to see how Paul's sales abilities and Rolodex takes KineticGlue.

It's more interesting to note that Paul is targeting the domestic market and employee collaboration is one big promise being made. Would it end up confronting Wipro's old rival Infosys' new offering?

Here's the article:
Vivek Paul turns entrepreneur with KineticGlue
Paul’s first entrepreneurial venture, KineticGlue, is helping hundreds of employees at companies such as Dell India, Yes Bank and L&T Infotech collaborate better by using an online social medium. Essentially, KineticGlue will help every company set up its own ‘official’ equivalent of Facebook for employees—only it increases productivity, not eat into it. L&T Infotech, an early user of KineticGlue, has found that collaboration between 500 workers using this platform has helped it discover new revenue streams.

L&T Infotech, an early user of KineticGlue, has found that collaboration between 500 employees using this platform has helped the company discover new revenue streams. Unlike traditional email groups, wherein users interact with each other through chains of messages, corporate social networking solutions like KineticGlue enable project groups within companies to have open conversations, with each discussion thread linked to relevant topics.

This not only helps in forming focused discussion groups, but also breaks hierarchical barriers and encourages bright and less experienced professionals to participate.

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