Aug 12, 2010

Social Recruiting - Hireplug leverages Facebook profiles and pages

Two years ago when I had blogged about referral based recruiting models I had written that organizations should leverage their employees' social networks

I would be a lot more interested if jobsites can leverage the existing social networks where Indians hang out. Making apps that make sharing and applying to jobs and ride on the platforms that Orkut and Facebook provide. Wonder why nobody has thought of that?

Finally it seems that Hireplug a Social Recruiting startup is trying to do it - See their blog post

Turn your Facebook Fan Page into a Talent Magnet

Hireplug's 'We Are Hiring' App. sitting on employees' Facebook profiles and also on Employer Fan Pages prompts visitors for joining Employer's Talent Network. Here is a screenshot!

Once the visitor clicks on 'Join' link. Most information is grabbed from user Facebook Profile and App asks for more information on Skills as show below.

Now the candidate becomes part of the Talent Network(read 'Talent Pool') and is searchable by recruiters using as shown below!