Sep 15, 2010

Business benefits of Enterprise 2.0 #e20

If you're still not convinced why organizations should use social technologies within, then you should read this. A study done by the Aberdeen Group that's up at the Socialtext blog: Embrace Social Software and Improve Business Performance
The report surveyed 300 enterprises, and broke them down into three categories based on the maturity and sophistication of their social software adoption (best-in-class, industry average and laggard). I encourage anyone considering the benefits of social software to read the entire report, but here’s a few highlights:

1. Companies that widely harnessed social software (best-in-class) took on average 11 hours to bring a response team together for a key business threat, while industry average companies took 113 hours and laggards 105.
2. Best in class companies took five months to complete key strategic projects, while industry average companies took 8 months and laggards a staggering 14 months.
3. Best-in-class companies saw a 36 percent decrease in time to enact key business changes based on customer feedback, while laggards experienced a 17 percent increase.

So what's stopping your organization to embrace social tools and change into an Organization 2.0 ?