Nov 25, 2010

Matching HR process with practice

Often I wonder whether HR folks concentrate too much on process rather than thinking about practice. By practice, I mean the level of maturity of the business and the culture.

Sometimes I feel the easiest things Human Resources folks find is to make policies - sometimes with a little bit of "internet research" but don't bother to check if its suitable to the maturity level of the business.

So what are the parameters that HR people need to look at when launching a new process/policy:

  • The complexity of the system compared to the earlier system - Sometimes you can hire a great HR leader to replace a pathetic one - but what often gets forgotten is the level of his/her peers to accept comparatively radical ideas
  • The infrastructure to capture data/metrics - It's no use designing a robust performance management process when you don't have systems to capture metrics or have to rely on managers to collate the data
  • Structure: Systems need to reflect the current job structures - but often HR processes live in an ideal rather than real world - which ensures that current realities are not reflected in the policies, and therefore is not followed
What do you think? What are the big issues that HR falters in?