Nov 16, 2010

Organizational Culture and Enterprise 2.0

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I recently read a quote "First we shape our tools, then they shape us"

So is the case with organizations. Every tool/technology/structure process that gets implemented impacts the organization in ways that usually wasn't the original intent.

We saw the way Quality, ERP, KM, Email were all implemented and how they have impacted organizations.

So why would Enterprise 2.0 tools be any different?

Collaboration or Community or Employee Content Creation would happen in organizations that have a culture that already encourage such behavior. However if an organization has a culture steeped in command-control-compliance mindset, then a tool that gets implemented will be ignored or actively subverted.

So if you're a Enterprise 2.0 advocate in a traditional organization that is implementing "social tools" without thinking through it - you need to tell leaders:

  1. The benefit of the movement to social collaboration will be apparent in the long term 
  2. They will need to be role models to embrace social within the enterprise
  3. People spending time on the tools won't be considered to be "goofing off"
  4. Early Adopters would be recognized and acknowledged to enable them to be role models

What else would you suggest?
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