Dec 29, 2010

Curating the Indian Enterprise 2.0 vendors and tools

Great cartoon at Geek and Poke
Over the last 2 years I have been noting with pride how some Indian startups fuelled by SaaS products are building Enterprise Collaboration tools out of India and competing against the big boys in the global market.

Here's my work in progress list of such tools... If you know any more, please leave a comment with the tool's URL

  1. Qontext by the group behind Pramati Technologies (who also built SocialTwist)
  2. by Cynapse (open-source)
  3. KineticGlue (blogged about it here)
  4. Remindo
  5. Kreeo - focused on social learning and KM
  6. Mangospring
  7. Infosys iEngage (blogged about it here
Amongst these tools I have worked a little bit on - so am not ranking these on features and functionalities right now. But its interesting to see how they are positioning themselves and building linkages with other tools