Mar 17, 2011

SHRM urged by members to be transparent

I have blogged on the meta trends shaping culture and tools being developed that support the drive for transparency and desire for connectedness, changing leadership itself.

Here's one more example of this trend of transparency,  and how tools are giving powers to people to act as a pressure group in a different kind of organization.

The leadership board of the Society of Human Resource Management in the US is being questioned by a group that is calling itself the SHRM members for Transparency, sharing their letter to the Board in a public place on the social web.

They've been getting media attention too, being featured on HREOnline, and TLNT. Recruiting thought leader Gerry Crispin also wrote a post on why he's part of the campaign.

We don't know yet if this will change things at SHRM in the US, but without doubt the tools have made it easier for the word to be got out and opposing viewpoints shared.

So are you ready for the new transparent organization? Or will you be forced to become one?

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