Mar 26, 2011

What is OD?

No, I am not referring to overdose (wipe that smile off, you :-)) but the art and science of Organization Development.

OD is often confused with Training, and sometimes with business strategy. For me, it's all about building the capability of the organization when changes are made to human systems (think of team reorganization, or to intra team issues) or to non-human systems that interact with human systems (structure, job design, people processes).

To understand OD you could read books like Process Consultation Revisited by Edgar Schein or you could head over to the new blog, Learn OD by Gurprriet Siingh, OD leader at a large Indian conglomerate.

The purpose of the blog is to help and educate young OD professionals or other HR professionals who want to get to understand what is Organization Development and what are the skills needed to be successful here. Take a look at some of the posts from the blog and I am sure there are lots more of such useful posts yet to come.
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