Apr 28, 2011

The future of "Social Talent Management" is Rypple?

I had an interesting conversation with Daniel, the CEO of Rypple and got a demo of their product.

I had heard of Rypple earlier, as a tool that helps managers get social feedback from their employees. However, during the demo I realised that they were a lot more than that.

Primarily I was struck by the fact that it makes goal planning and tracking a social process, and a much more realtime process than traditional performance management systems.

See for example here:
It's a great way, I think, for people to choose their goals according to their strengths as well as their desires and not be bound in by organizational silos. If a goal is public, then everyone who is connected with the employee comes to know that he/she has enrolled in the goal.

The other very useful feature is the coaching and feedback sessions between two people (who are connected) around work on a regular basis. This feedback is linked to the goals people are working on, as it happens in the real world, and therefore captures some great data. See for example this screenshot of the one on one conversation around goals and additional feedback between two individuals

And this is the interesting and fun part, employees can give each other thanks and badges (take a tip from Foursquare) which can be seen by other people. So helping out a colleague, or doing some great team work gets a positive reinforcement by a public statement. I think this is amazing, and will cause firms to have some much needed positive energy every some someone does this.

Take a look at the badges and thanks

Daniel shared how the most popular feature amongst top leaders remains the anonymous feedback system, and once people do it (both the person who initiates it, as well as the people who give the feedback) they take to it like duck to water.

I was excited at what I saw, and had many questions. Daniel shared that they are looking at adding a lot of features to it, to focus Rypple as a tool that focuses on increasing organizational and people performance.

Yes, they were looking at disrupting the traditional HRMS market, and by going the social way they are targeting companies and cultures that are early adopters and focused on people and performance.

"So after performance, what's the next step? Learning and Development?" I asked and he said , yes, that would be the natural way to go, with social learning, and a social approach to career development and growth.

Daniel clarified that they are not looking at becoming a "social enterprise" player. They are happy to be plugging on to feed based systems already in the organization - and are listed as an app on Jive's App Market.

I look forward to the day when Qontext and Rypple can partner together :-)

Seems like my dreams of Social HR are close to reality in some companies at least. Traditional stand alone HRMS system folks should be worried!