May 2, 2011

Two lists of Thought Leaders I am listed in

I thought I won't blog about these, because I don't think it's very modest to tell people when others consider you a "thought leader".

However, I realised that since you folks notice what I post, maybe you could leave a comment here saying I shouldn't deserve to be on these lists ;-)

First is the list of Social Intranet, Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration, Engagement, and HR Technology Experts compiled at the Social Workplace blog.
 Then yesterday, blogger from Australia, KerrieAnne Christian put me in exalted company in company of today's thought leaders like Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Clay Shirky, David Gurteen and others.
I was really embarrassed and flattered to be considered by KerrieAnne to be considered in the same league as these others, but I really don't think I deserve to be on this list.

What do you think?