May 27, 2011

Workshop on Social Business and Employee Engagement for HR

I would be taking a workshop along with the National HRD Network on Using Social tools to build Employee Engagement, in Delhi on 24th June. You can take a look at the event here and register by sending an email to the email address mentioned on the site

What will the workshop cover?

  • Importance of social media and its impact on society and businesses
( Looking at how the larger trends of how social technologies are impacting society, media, politics and businesses. Focusing on how businesses are using social networks to market, support and co-create with customers)
  •     The Millenial generation and their expectations from organizations
(The new generation which is entering the workplace is the first which has exposure to social applications before they join organizations. How does that impact their expectations about sharing and connecting in organizations?)
  •     The imperatives for Organizations to embrace Open Collaborative nature
(We shape our tools, and then our tools also shape us. It was true in the prehistoric age and it is true in today’s age. How does the new workplace and social tools impact organizational culture)
  •     Use of Social Technologies by HR
(How social technologies can be used by HR to : increase employee communication, better employee communication , build innovation and learning)

Who should attend :
The program is open to HR Practitioners with any level of work experience. Managers from any other function would also benefit from this workshop.

So will I see you there?