Jul 12, 2011

Trying out the Nokia E6 - first impressions

Some days ago, I "saw" a conversation on Twitter between Joy and WomWorldNokia - about Joy getting a Nokia E6 to try out.

It's been quite a while since I've used a smartphone, my Nokia X6 having crashed last December and needing a software upgrade - I have been using a very basic Nokia "feature phone" for the last 7 months. Yeah, I've always been a Nokia user, except for a small time when I tried one of the HTC phones. No money yet to try one of the new-fangled iPhones or Android devices. See this Afaqs article on how Nokia still rules the mindshare in India

So when my trial E6 arrived I was blown away by the phone.

Nokia's really surpassed itself

The phone combines touch and type - so is suited for someone like me for whom the only touch interface of the X6 wasn't so great. And its a sleek phone - like the earlier E63 I had

It has push-email and setting up one's Gmail is super easy.

For a "social media addict" like me the ability to post to Facebook, Twitter is very essential and the native app also lets me easily upload photos to both these networks. In addition I downloaded the WhatsApp app from the Ovi Store - to connect cross platform with folks who have Blackberry, Andriods, iPhone or other Nokia phones. Makes messaging super simple and convenient.

Due to this fact I hardly have had to use the browser in the phone at all.

It's really helped my productivity go up - and the J headset, which is bluetooth enabled is great when you want to keep your hands free.