Nov 7, 2011

National HRD Network's Annual Conference - Are you going to be there?

Looking forward to meeting many HR colleagues and friends at the NHRD Network's Annual Conference from 16-19 November

It's going to be great event with people like Sam Pitroda, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Dave Ulrich (who will be speaking on Securing the future of the HR profession & the HR professional), Ed Lawler, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Dr Santrupt Misha, TV Mohandas Pai scheduled to address 1500 HR professionals (full speaker list here )

You can also attend one of these amazing pre-conference workshops on the 16th and 17th 

Another exciting aspect is the HR Showcase - to find out what innovations HR professionals are doing - 50 chosen HR initiatives that added business benefits would be showcased by the respective companies 

The uniqueness of the Conference would also be the Large Scale Interactive Process "Co-Creation" - where every participant will play a part!

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