Jan 12, 2012

Culture is the Employment Brand

No the employment brand does not exist in advertisements or what you tell your marketing agency.

Your company's employment brand is shaped by conversations that are triggered by questions like this on social web these days.
Your employment brand is built and shaped now by such conversations. It is what your employees say to their friends and what their friends reply to questions like the above.

In short, if you want to really impact the employment brand - start with the culture of your organization. Because that is the brand that people actually care about.

Start with being authentic. Open. Upfront. Both externally and inside. Listen. Talk less. Do more.

If you are authentic about the kind of culture your organization has - conservative, experimental, edgy or whatever it is - you will attract people who would be comfortable with that culture.

Sure culture is a messy thing. Not usually articulated easily. It is not the "values espoused" but demonstrated by the "values in action" and hence open to perception and biases.

Culture is also defined in various contexts. If you're a bank then you have a certain kind of culture, right. Not really. Because if you're the bank's BPO or IT center in India then the culture would be either subtly or radically different. If you're in another country the national culture would also shape it.

So how do you showcase your myriad cultures to the myriad applicants who apply to you or the people you want to hire?

Do share what has worked for you.