May 21, 2012

In the age of Pull what's your Gravitational Quotient?

Gravitational field lines and equipotentials (...
Gravitational field lines and equipotentials (red) around the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The world is shifting. It is shifting slowly in some areas and disconcertingly fast in other areas. Information which used to get pushed is now being rejected. We have stopped paying attention to messages that interrupt us.

And yet, as people, managers, organizations we still need to communicate, to facilitate, to drive change. I have touched upon storytelling in the past as the vehicle. However, how do you get someone to even listen to your story, much before they even pay attention to you?

John Seely Brown and John Hagel have talked about The Power of Pull to make sense of much of today's world and how this shift is happening.

My hypothesis is to generate the power of pull, we've got to grow our own Gravitational field, or as I choose to call it - our Gravitational Quotient.

How does one build a Gravitational Quotient that pulls relevant information and people to reach out?

Read. Choose. Curate. Publish. Repeat.

Choose a space in which you want to create your gravity. Read content about it. Follow experts about it. Choose the best content and share it. Write your own take on it. Discover new fields that are developing at the edge of this area. Go there before the mainstream practitioners notice it. Find hybrid spaces, where spaces overlap and explore them.

You know your Gravitational Quotient is working when you start attracting like minded people who also start sharing relevant content with you and you move from content, to conversations to discovering a community. Relevance and context determine whether you attract the right kind of content or not, as automatic tools (like this and this) start tracking your pull and labeling it as "influence"

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