Aug 18, 2012

Indian MP @ShashiTharoor asks for an intern via Twitter

This is going to be an interesting development. Early this morning, Member of Parliament, who was earlier India's Minister of State for External Affairs, but was more commonly known as Minister of Twitter, (and who subsequently lost his ministerial berth thanks to tweet-war with IPL Commissioner LK Modi) has taken to Twitter to advertise an internship opening in his office in Delhi.

The tweet says:

Looking for an intern,Delhi-based, with computer skills&writing ability to assist busy MP from end August. Please email office[at]

With more than 1.45 million followers it would be interesting to find out how many internship applications he receives. The tweet has been ReTweeted 118 times

The other celebrity who had taken to Twitter to advertise for an intern was someone who shares very little with Tharoor - Charlie Sheen!

And before you ask - no, I don't think if your company starts a Twitter account and starts tweeting out jobs you would be able to reach out to a million followers and through them to a million more. Shashi Tharoor has 1.45 million followers because of his engaging content and insights. This (as far as I know) is his only "recruiting" related tweet so far. As you can expect students who are looking for an internship and who look up to someone like Tharoor would surely apply.

So that's the "social recruiting" lesson from this - publish engaging content, create a community of people interested in what you do and once in a while you can publish a "job vacancy" tweet :)