Dec 19, 2012

Here's the final Carnival of HR Bloggers for 2012

It's a great honor for me to host 2012's final Carnival of HR (this being my 4th time, first was in 2007, the second in 2008, third  in 2009 ) - with some thought provoking as well as practical blog posts submitted by HR bloggers from across the world. I've arranged the various blog posts by theme and have also picked my top blog post :)

Here goes (drumroll!!)

My top pick of the blog posts: Rawn Shah has a very thought provoking post on whether companies' employment models are "too stateful" and whether rise of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence will make companies more flexible and agile

Strategic HR and its Role:
Wally Bock revisits the "seat at the table" discussion, and draws parallels with IT. Also on that topic Chip wants HR folks to find something better to say. Ian says that HR should embrace their role of being "between" employees and management.

Holidays and HR
Susan from reminds us that in the party season, here are the gaffes during office parties to keep away from, while Stuart Rudner tells us the legal ramifications and how to avoid the risk of office parties. Julie tells us the top 3 gifts employees want (not just in the holiday season!)

If you're wondering how to create an effective employee survey, the HR FAQ has a very useful post for you! For US based HR folks Marta shines some light on US immigration and the DACA program.

Management Essentials
If you're a manager and an employee cries, how do you deal with it? Dan has some suggestions. Paul tells you 10 ways to engage employees. Robert tells managers how bad managers can be their best friends!

Social Media and HR
Christopher differentiates between Talent Communities (which I have blogged about earlier) and Talent Networks. Julie focuses on social media and business as well as recruiting benefits for B2B companies. Nisha suggests that companies make their employees their social brand ambassadors

Self Development
Jon presents an interesting model on how in this age of information you can use it to be more productive

Wendy suggests that when you're struggling, a different perspective might be more helpful than just working harder and longer. On a related note Darin tells us to not hide behind our personality traits when things get difficult.
Susan from the Random Acts of Leadership blog asks "Is Your Future Pulling You Forward?" and if it is not, what to do about it. On a related note, Vinod Bidwaik has a post explaining self-motivation. And Badri Ravi focuses on how to keep rewards that don't kill intrinsic motivation. In the same theme Jesse has 7 ways to increase your own engagement.

Leadership & Performance
Mark has a very helpful post for leaders who come up against a different idea and don't want to compromise. Linda blogs about how our thinking is an ethical driver for leadership. And Alex tells leaders that creating meaningful company goals means more to employees, and examples of such goals. Karin tells us who actually writes the performance appraisal when a great leader is leading. Your Boss tells you what to ask him/her to prepare for your performance appraisal.

On a different note, John Hunter brings lessons from a video about traffic jams to share how to use incentives rather than prescriptive solutions to change social systemic behavior.
Amit blogs about how mentoring helps in developing leaders

Gyanendra asks whether superstitious beliefs at the workplace can impact the organizational culture.

Hiring and Recruiting
Nancy suggests top 3 New Year's resolutions for hiring managers. Do you agree? Ali shares a survey of what the US presidential election results mean for recruiting and job creation in the US. While from India, Achyut Menon wonders if social media is making recruiters redundant.

Networking or Not
Lynn has some advice if you're stuck on what to tell someone that you don't want to connect on LinkedIn.
Maybe the value of LinkedIn is in the group discussions, as Doug recounts a conversation on storytelling he had over there. Lizzie tells us why she hates going to conferences. A lot of conferences make me feel this way too :P

And that's all, folks! I had a great time hosting the Carnival! If you want to keep track of the carnival as it travels across the HR Blogosphere - here's where you need to go!