Apr 11, 2013

No, Twitter is not going to be the new CV for job seekers

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Let me start off with a confession. I love Twitter. It is my social/information network of choice. (btw, here's where you can follow me :))

But even the Twitter evangelist in me cringes when I come across something like this Wall Street Journal article that says Twitter is the new resume.

Er, no, WSJ.

Twitter can be a great way to judge a person's passions and interests - and that is useful for some kind of jobs and some kind of roles. For a handful of roles (social media marketers, etc) the number of followers and the virality of your content is relevant. But that's what they are - a handful.

What is emerging however, is that for some kind of roles, where skills can be showcased - there are firms like Entelo and TalentBin which track your digital footprints across networks to determine your interests and skills (your programming knowledge is showcased at Github or Stack Overflow, for example)

Then there are services like Gozaik, which use Twitter to distribute resumes.

But a 140 character resume? Nope. Not going to happen for the vast majority of jobs and roles.

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