Dec 7, 2013

30 Twitter users I learn the most from

When people ask me "But what do I do on Twitter, my friends and family are on all Facebook" I try telling them - that as an open platform Twitter allows you to follow and learn from the very best in the business - so I thought I would put together a list of Twitter users I learn from a lot.

  1. Tom Peters - yes the uber-guru of Management - shares his views in his distinctive passionate voice and opinions on what is triggering his mind on a day to day basis. Follow him at
  2. David Gurteen - I have followed David's KM blog for more than a decade and his Twitter stream is focused on Knowledge Management, KM events and KM jobs. Follow him at
  3. Luis Suarez - Another person I have followed for the last decade Luis is a Social Business Enabler at IBM. You can follow him at
  4. Shel Israel - Shel and Scoble wrote the first book on business blogging many years ago, and have written the changing nature of computing in their new book "Age of Context" - Shel's a part of Silicon Valley ecosystem and coaches entrepreneurs to tell their story. Follow him at
  5. John Sumser - John is one of the most respected analysts of online recruitment - and his tweets link to articles on HR Examiner that he runs. Follow him at
  6. Jon Ingham - Jon is from UK -  another HR blogger I have followed down the years and specially look forward to his live-tweets from the many global HR conferences he addresses and attends. Follow him at
  7. Ross Dawson - Ross is based in Australia and is a futurist - tracking how various industries and how people themselves will change in the future. You can follow him at
  8. Daniel Pink - Dan is author of multiple books and curates some very interesting content from across the world
  9. Sameer Patel - Sameer is SVP at SAP and a votary of how social has to be embedded in business processes to make it better for people to do work.
  10. S Sivakumar - top executive at ITC, his tweets are a very amazing curation of extraordinary facts, news from around the world and beyond
  11. Alan Lepofsky - analyst at Constellation RG, tracks the social collaboration marketplace and great to follow if you want to keep a track of what developments various vendors are doing
  12. Mark Fidelman - author and Forbes columnist - Mark tracks the social business space and how influencers are shaping product consideration. He's also co-founded a company in that space called Raynforest. Follow him at
  13. Robert Scoble - follow him at to know the latest development in the startup space in Silicon Valley 
  14. Marcia Conner - author of The New Social Learning - Marcia looks at various trends shaping learning and training - follow her at
  15. Ray Wang - Founder of Constellation RG, tweets about tech and also food :) Follow him at
  16. Dan Tapscott - author and keynote speaker Dan tweets his points of view and also news and links to great content
  17. Karthik Srinivasan - Head of Social at Ogilvy India tweets about media, social media, his family and opinions about almost everything. Follow him at
  18. Haroon Bijli - A twitter friend who is now a colleague, Haroon tracks the marketing, communication industry as well as tweets his views on Indian politics - follow him at
  19. Abhijit Bhaduri - CLO of Wipro, author and cartoonist - Abhijit tweets links to interesting articles about learning, storytelling and human performance. Follow him at
  20. Dan Pontefract - Dan is author of The Flat Army and now helps firms become more collaborative - tweets about his views on the same :) Follow him on
  21. Susan Scrupski - Susan is a community builder and currently she is building a community of Change Agents, looking to reinvent the world of work. Follow her at
  22. R Sukumar - CIO and Head of Innovation at Cognizant tweets links to an eclectic but always very very interesting items. Follow him at
  23. Harold Jarche - posts some blog posts and links to some thought provoking stuff about the new world of work and learning. Follow him here
  24. NS Rajan - The CHRO of the Tata Group posts pithy observations about work and performance sometimes in a form of a pun and sometimes in rhyme. Follow him at
  25. Yashwant Mahadik - The HR Head of Business Transformation and Global Learning at Philips, Yash posts links to interesting news items and also the goings on in Philips too
  26. Kavi Arasu - The head of learning at Asian Paints, Kavi posts content from his daily reading that spans technology, social media and learning. Follow him at
  27. Vivek Paranjpe - the Group CHRO at Reliance Industries, tweets about India, skills and what people need to do to work better. Follow him at
  28. Anand Pillai - The CLO at Reliance posts links to interesting news, inspirational quotes and you can follow him at
  29. Rachel Happe - the cofounder of The Community Roundtable Rachel tweets about how companies are leveraging communities to achieve business success Follow her at
  30. Jeremiah Owyang - tracking how the collaborative economy is disrupting business models and how companies are dealing with it - Follow him at