May 20, 2014

Weighing in on @Zomato's "controversial" recruitment ad

So today Twitter exploded for some reason with outrage over a recruitment ad by Zomato that said they wanted to make Delhi the tech capital of India and was basically a pitch for Bangalore based techies as to why they should move to Delhi (for wider roads, late night hours)

The Bangalore folks on Twitter did not like Zomato's job ad and someone put together a retort basically saying that Delhi sucks when it comes to Bangalore (intolerant, extreme weather)

Both the ads are tongue in cheek and the best part for Zomato is that it has got people talking about it. It might not be able to lure many folks from Bangalore, but what it has done with this ad is shown itself to be sassy and having a personality. Even though it's Bangalore users don't feel very good about it. 

Here's one marketing expert weighing in

While the Delhi experts feel that the response was in bad taste

My verdict? Zomato is the winner! People are talking about it, it has shared it is hiring in Delhi, and I suspect if the product is good most Bangalore users (except the communications and marketing experts) will even know this twitter brouhaha to stop using the app/website.