Feb 10, 2005

Carly Fiorina quits as HP CEO

I've refrained from commenting about HP on this blog, specially because I quit HP a little over a month ago (no, I assure you our departures are not related and purely co-incidental ;-)

But, yes, HP is at an interesting crossroads in its history....with a consumer business that tries to tap the burgeoning entertainment spending in consumers as well as enterprise services like IT outsourcing. The HP board seems to be in the mood to continue its earlier path. More here

I personally would favour a division in the reporting of these two groups, and the consumer business be led by Vyomesh Joshi and the enterprise group by Ann Livermore, and both should report to the board, effectively making HP a conglomerate. But the question remains on what should be done to the dollar draining server group (part of the group that Ann leads) and the PC group (now reporting to VJ).
And I really hope that Anthony and Michael get the assignment ! Hey canadian headhunters Cnet thinks both VJ and Ann could be HP's next CEO. Run through their list to start calling other prospective CEOs if you get that email ;-))

Business2Blog profiles a mail from BTS and says that maybe this is what Carly was missing...hmm..I know that BTS did quite a bit of (really expensive) training programmes for HP ! So there ! b2b also blogs about HP's break up value.

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