May 19, 2005

Time for HR to embrace branding?

BrandXpress blog points to a article that says "An exclusive survey of 1,889 Personnel Today readers with responsibility for recruitment reveals that 95% of respondents believe employer branding is ‘important’, with 80% saying that it will become even more so. And yet only 25% of those surveyed have responsibility for employer branding."

Somewhere I think the need is for a cross functional approach to branding that is usually missed by the Marketing silos. Anybody who comes into contact with any part of the organization undergoes some kind of experience which impacts the person's perception of the brand. So not just HR, but functions like procurement/supply chain, finance all have to get brand-ed !

Recruitment specially has to work very closely with Marketing and Corporate Communications to show that the message is uniform across the functions. HR also has to ensure that in the not-so-attractive cases like termination or voluntary attrition, these employees are future ambassadors of the organization.

Branding is too important to be left to the marketers anymore!