Feb 16, 2006

Azim Premji on the difference between Innovation and Creativity

Wipro boss Azim Premji spells out his views on Innovation:

Premji says that big ideas often come from customers. Big ideas can emerge from constant interaction. . . and several unsaid things can be elicited and developed making way for big innovations.

While innovation is 'doing' things differently, creativity is all about 'thinking' differently, says the Wipro boss. "Innovation is essentially the application of high creativity. It need not be restricted to just products, it applies to services, employee attitude and across all levels. Innovation is a fundamental mindset pursued seriously by an organisation. It is imperative to imbibe the culture of innovation."

"We also need to have the courage to hire people who are from different work cultures and see to it that they grow in the organisation and are not pushed out in the long run."