Feb 24, 2006

Innovation and Talent Development

It's awesome to read through some really insightful posts by someone like John Hagel. Yes folks, he's blogging !

Be sure to check this post in which he says:

Of course, we are all concerned about the availability of jobs, but the more fundamental issue is talent development. If people don’t develop appropriate talent and don’t continue to refresh that talent, there will be no sustainable jobs and certainly few, if any, high value jobs.

And in this he takes on Gary Hamel's views on Innovation:

Hamel’s article reflects the bias of a lot of Western executives of large enterprises who are focused much too inwardly when seeking to be innovative.


Hamel reveals a surprisingly narrow and ethnocentric view of where innovation is occurring.

Rather than focusing on breakthrough management innovations within the enterprise, Hamel could benefit from understanding the continuous management innovations across enterprises that are emerging in Asia.

Whew !