Mar 27, 2006

Tribal expression and relatedness

Bill linked to my post on Why Blogging Works and I started to leave a comment which I realised later, could be a blog post itself!

In different times and ages when focus of society are skewed in favor of either expression or relatedness a product or service that seeks to counterbalance always succeeds.

In the Indian culture where the focus on relating to others is very high, mobile phones have become symbols of expression, with colors, ringtones, wallpapers that say "I am me" in addition to the basic need of relating to others (which is the utility of the cell phone in the first place)

It's actually a throwback to humankind's basic "tribal" urge.

We express ourselves and our relation to a tribe by lots of methods. Blogging is just one of them.
Desmond Morris did a lot of research or urban tribes with connection to sport.

Is this what we see in some organizations too?

Can you name some ?