May 18, 2006

Raining jobs in India

From the Business Today (subscription reqd.):

Expectedly, the information technology sector is generating the largest numbers. Between them, two of India's IT Big Three, TCS and Infosys, plan to hire about 50,000 new faces this year. Add Wipro, Satyam and HCL to this list and that number doubles immediately. (That's 100,000 jobs in the next 12 months !!)

Financial services (asset management, private equity, investment banking and regular banking), IT & ITES, healthcare, real estate, retail services, FMCG, automobiles, aviation, travel and hospitality, telecom, and consulting.

Top management: CEOs, CFOs, Head of HR, Head of Quality;
Middle management: CTOs, Marketing & Sales Managers,Finance Managers, HR Managers; and junior and entry levels.