Jul 31, 2006

The dark side of management: Firing

Management life isn't all glamour and glory. There are downsides too. A people manager also sometimes has to take some decisions of firing people from their companies.

It's not a pleasant thing to do, and while reasons might vary (from not meeting targets, to behavioral issues, or ethical issues) but the unpleasantness remains.

As a HR person I've had more than my share of such experiences and I wish I had come across Guy's post earlier. Here are his points:

  1. Consult impartial people.
  2. Get professional advice.
  3. Search your soul.
  4. Give people a second chance.
  5. Document everything.
  6. Do it yourself.
  7. Be firm.
  8. Don’t be guilted into anything.
  9. Don’t be guilted into anything.
  10. Don’t disparage the victim.
  11. Look in the mirror.