Aug 10, 2006

Blogswap post at Tod's blog

Tod Hilton is one of the non-recruiter, non-HR folks participating in the Blogswap. Tod works in Microsoft and is a hiring manager, which is the reason he's interested in recruiting. He says about his blog: "My blog is a mix of software development issues/code-snippets, what it's like to work at Microsoft, my video game habit, funny stuff I find online and a bit of dog stuff thrown in every now and then."

My post for Tod's blog is about 2 weeks late :(( That's because I know zilch about software development or what its like to work at MS (though I have a very good friend who works at MSR ;-), neither am I interested in video games...or dogs (after I left school that is !)

Here is what I finally thought was apt for his blog.