Aug 4, 2006

I-Banks starting to move to undergrad colleges

Is doing an MBA from IIM not really the benchmark to get into an Investment Bank anymore?

Lehmann Brothers, Tokyo went to IIT Chennai to pick up folks to do the quantitative analysis, while Lehmann India went to 5 of the IITs.

Considering that a significant percentage of the IBankers who get into the Goldman Sachs and Lehmann Brothers, from the IIMs are from IITs , does this mean that those engineers who want to specialise in quant analysis will turn up the chance to do an MBA and use the two years to earn money?

Even the strategy consulting firms are moving down the path. McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte US have gone to the IITs to pick up business analysts in significant numbers.

In the long run I see a trend of MBA education mirroring the US, once the high paying jobs move down to the undergrad colleges. People from the blue chip colleges (IITs and RECs for engineering, Stephens and Xaviers and Presidencys for basic graduation) will start moving into jobs and probably do an MBA not for a job but for leearning 5-10 years later down the line.

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