Feb 1, 2007

Indian business bloggers

Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration pinged me on Google Talk yesterday "I want to nominate your blog for the Indibloggies, but I don't know which category :)"

Well, that's right.

Unfortunately the Indian blogosphere does not have the critical mass of business or career related blogs to justify a separate category. By the way, to nominate blogs for the award you have to use social bookmarking site del.icio.us, which is fun, because you can view all nominations here ;-) Find out how to nominate and the various categories . There are also some cool prizes, courtesy the sponsors.

Hmm, but since there is no business category, here are "Gautam's awards for the best Indian business blogs ;-))". Add any more blogs in the comments section. If the numbers are high, maybe we could have a category in Indibloggies 2007 ;-)). These blogs are different from the Indian Talent Bloggers already mentioned earlier.

  • Rashmi Bansal: Well Rashmi is not a purely business blogger, but her takes on marketing and advertising is always spot on!
  • Dina Mehta: Dina's a legend in the Indian blogosphere. She's been blogging from before most of us could spell ;-)) She's India's foremost expert on social media and is by training a qualitative researcher.
  • ContentSutra: Bills itself as India's Digital Media News Monitor
  • AlooTechie : Focusses on the Indian online industry
  • VC Circle: My daily dope on M&A and VC activity in India
  • Mayank Krishna: Good stuff on branding and retail :-)
  • Mohit Kishore: Yeah, he's beating the Wharton business school at predictions :-)
  • MindSpace: Charu's thoughts on design, qualitative research and Innovation
  • Nimmy's Blog: A KM blogger focussed on Knowledge Management and related areas.
  • Naina's Design Blog: Naina is a logo designer and her blog is focussed on that. She also blogs on innovation and creativity.
  • Ranjan Verma: Finance blogger who blogs about getting rich ;-)
So what are your favourite business blogs?